Lesson FAQ

Do you offer a trial lesson?
Yes. I offer one 30 minute lesson free of charge.

What are your rates?
Please see Rates & Policies.

When are payments due?
Monthly payments are due at the first lesson of each month. Payment through PayPal.com. Lesson payments are considered past due after the 10th of the month and will be charged a $15.00 late fee.

What do I need to start violin or viola lessons?
Do you offer make-up lessons?
Please see Rates and Policies.

What teaching experience do you have?
Please see my Education and Experience.

What are preschool music experiences?
Preschool music is an exciting opportunity for our youngest musicians to create a strong music foundation. Singing and speaking games, composition, movement, and dramatization are experienced through child's world of play. In addition to being fun and engaging, these music experiences can be helpful in supporting emergent reading, fine and gross motor, and early numeracy skills development. 

Do you teach students with special needs and exceptional learners?
Yes! Everyone can grow and learn to play music. I have experience with learning differences, ADD/ADHD, and neuro-atypical students and am committed to supporting all students in their growth as musicians.

Do you teach Suzuki?
Yes and No. My instruction and philosophy does overlap Suzuki ideology, methodology, and music selection. At the current time, I have not pursued Suzuki certification, but I am certified in Kodaly.

Do you teach orchestra music?
Yes, I work on orchestral music for students in school, youth, and community orchestras. School and youth orchestras audition students for admittance and chair assignment. Auditions typically include scales, solos, and orchestral excerpts. All music, including orchestral music, is beneficial to musical growth and instruction.

Do you teach styles other than classical?
I have instructed students in a variety of styles, including fiddle, jazz, pop, and Christian worship.

When are you available?
I have a flexible schedule that works around your needs. Contact me to set up a time that works best for you.

Do I need to be present for my child's lessons?
Depends on the child. For preschool and beginner students, parent involvement is necessary. Lessons are a wonderful way to connect with your child. Parent and Me lessons are available if you would like to learn along with your child. For older and more advanced students, parent involvement is not required.

Are there studio recitals?
Yes. Recitals are organized to promote performance experience and are a wonderful opportunity for students, friends, and family.

How do online lessons work?
Instruments can be rented or purchased from your local music shop or purchased online. You will need a computer, a high speed internet connection, an internal or external HD web camera, and access to either Skype, Zoom, or a Google account.

Students are responsible to sign into 5 minutes prior to lesson start time with instrument and music ready to go. Please see online music lessons for more information.