Rates and Policies

Robert charges $30.00 per thirty-minute lesson. Monthly payments are due by the first lesson of each month through PayPal.com. Lesson payments are considered past due after the 10th of the month and will be charged a $15.00 late fee.

Private Lesson Rates

$30.00 per 30 minute lesson
$45.00 per 45 minute lesson
$60.00 per 60 minute lesson

Private Lesson Make-Up Policy

I do offer make-up lessons.

With advanced notice of absences (more than two weeks), I will try to make up the lesson. I use your absent time slot to make-up lessons for other students and vice versa. I also try to make-up lessons missed due to student illness, even if it is a late cancellation. If a student is sick, please reschedule the lesson!

I make-up all lessons due to my own absence.

I do try to schedule every make-up requested, however, due to time restraints, I may not always be able to acquiesce to your request. Unannounced absences, missed make-up lessons, and late cancellations are charged the regular lesson rate.

Lesson Expectations

Students are expected to bring their music, lesson notebook, and instrument to each lesson. Students are expected to practice daily and thoroughly prepare music for each lesson. Students are expected to keep hands clean, fingernails appropriately trimmed, and clean instrument of rosin.